img_6683Today is our day to part company with the second truck. Lynn is heading back the day before us so our schedules need to reflect this, and allow for any more incidents on the way

Our plans to walk to the falls and helicopter back are stalled by the large crowd of day trippers who get to the helicopter site before us. I've got a bit reluctant anyway as the things are very intrusive in this area as the peace and solitude of being hundreds of miles from the nearest habitation is wonderful but completely disrupted by the thump, thump, thump of the choppers.

The walk is easy, despite what the sign says, mostly flat but a few rock scrambles to keep your attention. The Falls however are breathtaking and photos hardly do the place justice.  The walk progressively unveils one vista after another, absolutely magic. It's another one for your 'bucket list'.

img_6704We both agree that the helicopters are too intrusive and should be kept further away from the camp site, the walk and the Falls. The fat and idle don't need them and the disabled are going to find it pretty hard to get to there anyway, the road is just so evil.

It all take a bit longer than we had expected but we finally drive away, reluctantly, at abut 2pm and get the King Edward River camp site about 4:40, a very good run and we have been a bit unkinder to the vehicle. The German family who we gave the nasty packets of fruit drink said Site 1 is better as you can camp next to the river. I'd probably disagree as there is less shade but it's a nice change.

Mary says the swimming is nicer too as the rock gently shelves out into the river. Regardless it's a welcome place to stop.img_6728