img_6596Much more reasonably priced repairs take place in the morning (a mere $A500 for a new tyre rim, studs and bolts) and we are away by 11am. I'm very impressed with the standard of service at Drysdale, if not the prices. They need to work on their product range though, with a million acre station at their disposal there should be some activities you'd have thought?

The drive to the Mitchell Plateaux turn off is very rugged where the grader hasn't been yet, which is most of it. The King Edward river ford is pretty impressive and fortunately a couple who have been stranded there for a couple of days (ruptured fuel tank) point out where the big rock in the middle is.

The camp site of the other side is excellent albeit with only 'camp toilets' and the detour to the Aboriginal paintings is very worth while. We have a great swim in the river where there are we are told “no crocs”.

img_6601Despite our setbacks and missing some of the places we wanted to see we seem pretty much back on track.