p6020150There are mechanics at Home Valley Station and a very pleasant South African chap makes short work of reinstalling the bash plate. The cost of $50 is picked up by Camper World and it has to be said it has to be said that you can't fault their responsiveness to paying for repairs. I'd guess they get a lot of practice.

We are determined to get to Drysdale Station, just up the Kalumburu Road and all goes well until just before the Gibb River/Kalumburu Road junction when we stop for lunch and discover a flat tyre. Amazingly all the gear works and we are off again within an hour with minimal damage.

Unfortunately our followers stop us about 23km short of the Station as our wheel has come loose. Seems that we did not tighten it up enough, it's clearly wrecked the studs and the holes in the wheel  have been extended img_6577so it's clearly not safe to drive. Pure carelessness and quite impossible to blame anyone but ourselves.

We prepare to set up camp by the side of the road, luckily we have pretty much everything we could need, and dispatch the other truck to Drysdale for assistance, we understand there are tyre and come mechanical repair facilities but whether this is within their scope or not remains to be seen.

It's actually quite heart breaking as our time to see the Mitchell Plateau and Kalumburu does not really allow for anymore delays. Bugger!


Just as we are contemplating camping by the side of the road for the night, Paul and Darryl turn up at and jack the wheel and rapidly decide that it needs to be 'limped' to Drysdale some 14km away as they don't want to fix it by the side of the road. The car is put back on the ground and a very slow journey begins, the instruction to “avoid the ruts”, is not quite so easy to follow, especially when it gets dark.img_6578

We finally pull at about 6:30, well after dark and Lynn assures us that the restaurant is open until 8pm so we have time for a drink and a shower.  Open it may be but by the time we get to the restaurant it is no longer serving food, they do however offer to “rustle something up”, this turns out to be roast lamb, (probably) and three veg. It's a bit of a shock when we have to pay $A29 per head for the privilege.

Drinks back at the truck lead to a latish night, almost 10pm. I guess if you opt for an adventure holiday it's churlish to complain when you have adventures.