img_6532An uncomfortable night at the Discovery, some of the trees have bats in and these buggers make a row all night and seem to either dislodge or throw hard berries at the roof of the camper. Thump then roll, roll, roll. That and a continuous chattering sound make it very unplesant. We were warne off this location last time but last night found out why.

Dale from Argyle Motors is as slow as a wet week but helpful and once he has finally gotten the paperwork done the truck disappears out the back with a “come back in a couple of hours” so we head back to the Boab Bookshop for brekkie.

Metalland are very helpful with the other truck are repairing the guard plate but report “cracks in the chassis”. This is information we really don't want to know about. What they do tell us about is the hierarchy of camper vans.

Seems that the top of the food chain are Maui Campers who buy new vans and run them for a period, lets say 120,000km. These vans are then sold to Britz who run them for another 120,000km and the unit is finally on sold at 240,000km or so to backpackers and other bottom feeders such as Camperworld.img_6536

The best news of the morning is that the breakfast is pretty good at the Boab Bookshop.

Greg at Argyle Motors is much more switched on and replaces the fuel filters and cleans the line out, he says it's 100% better but still not right. Dale however takes another age to do the paperwork, only starting when we actually arrive, you'd have to wonder. Anyway by noon we are back on the road out of Kununurra for what we hope will be the last time.

Our night stop is to be at Home Valley Station but within a few kilometres of it our bash plate (the same item as on the other truck) comes adrift with a nasty grinding sound. Dave volunteers to get under and with some wire and cable ties from Australian Walking Tours (who kindly stop on their three week marathon drive form Alice, around the Kimberly and back to Alice) gets it temporarily strapped up pretty quickly.

img_6541Home Valley station is a real tourist operation, quite unlike Diggers Rest, and has green lawns, a bar, restaurant and all manner of facilities. We make use of the pool and showers and have a very enjoyable evening around the barbecue table in their grounds.