img_6471It rained quite heavily in the night which cooled things down quite a bit, very welcome it was too.

Breakfast at the very fine Pumphouse Restaurant followed by fuelling up at BP and getting more cash. This is proving an expensive holiday.

Despite an early start we were still quite late getting out of town and our truck is behaving rather badly. The engine idles fine but at speed it starts to 'bunny hop' as Mary calls it. It's barely noticeable but not particularly desirable when you are heading out of town and worse yet when going into the outback.

At Wyndham we call the RAC, and have a discussion with a very nice Aboriginal man (Gregory) and his daughter while waiting for the contractor. Calling back it seems he won't be available until Monday (it's Sunday).

We have a short lunch stop at the Five Rivers Lookout which does give a fantastic panorama of img_6481the district before going to Wyndham's highlight, the Croc Farm. Despite claiming to be open 7 days the farm is plainly shut. Dave roots out a woman from around the back behind the 'Do Not Enter' sign, which at a croc farm I'd have taken very seriously, who calls 'Colin' but it's closed. “come back at 11am for the feeding”. No thanks.

Having exhausted the highlights Mary spots the RAC Contractors garage and we pop in to talk to them. His wife is noticeably unhappy with us, I think we have disturbed her plans but I agree to phone in the morning to discuss what needs to be done next.

Diggers Rest Station is some 30km out of town down the dirt on the King River Road. This is not too bad but very slow going and we arrive rather later than we'd like. Lynn has the unfortunate experience of bowling a Joey, killing it outright. Unrelated to this a guard plate on the bottom of the vehicle has come off and is bouncing about. These trucks are absolute rubbish.

The station is several km away from the main road and a young French girl, Elise, makes us very welcome and sets us up in the a small camp area with use of a ablution stc_6487block, kitchen and the inevitable barbecue area. You may assume that this is a very isolated spot but there are a lot of people here, there are a party of 14 going on a horse trek tomorrow plus a lot of staff.

Turns out that Diggers Rest was used as to accommodate the cast and crew for the film “Australia”, the stars and others were accommodated at El Questro, an up marked station some kilometres away.

Al, one of the staff, is very helpful and offers to look at the guard plate in the morning and “might have a couple of bolts somewhere”. The engine problem is another issue.