img_3555Our plan today was to get out of the Bungles and head North to Kununurra, hopefully stopping at Doon Doon for a day tomorrow along the way. The Purnululu road out is no shorter and no less scenic than before and still takes just over 2 hours.

Warmun aka Turkey Creek is the first stop other than to dump our trash and the roadhouse there is clean, pleasant and well stocked. In addition the ice cream tastes marvellous. We picnic there and meet a party doing the circuit, including the Mitchell Falls in ten days. Our recommendation would be to take much longer than this or cut part of the itinerary. Ten days is far too long just to sit in a bus. The driver does tell us that the Mitchell Falls road has only been open a week but that it's the 'worst road in Australia'.

img_3619We had hoped that we would be able to spend Friday at Doon Doon doing a guided, off-road, 4wd 'tag along' tour to the Dunham River. This means you follow a lead vehicle in your own and are taken to places of interest. In this case it is taken by an Aboriginal guide and to places of cultural significance as well as a gorge and other sights.

Marjeka at the Doon Doon road house gives us the bad news that the tours have not started yet. She does however have an injured 'joey' (baby kangaroo) in her office, apparently she takes them in when their mothers are killed on the road and has another 10 around the back. Pleasingly Marjeka is able to direct us to a rest area for the nights camp just up the road by the Dunham River.

It is a roadside rest area but the river is great for a wash and immerse, a swim is out of the question as there are (apparently) 'freshies' in it. We have time to revise our journey plan for the next few days and our target tomorrow will be one of the Kununurra camp sites and specifically a washing machine.

img_6456Once we launch onto the Gibb River Road we have no real expectations of being able to buy food or water (although there are places) but we would rather have what looks like 12 days supplies on board. It'll be another big and expensive shop.