img_3586Another early(ish) start and we are picking up speed in striking camp but not by much. It does warm up quickly in the morning and this was the coolest night so far.

The road into Purnululu (the Bungle Bungle) is pretty rugged but mostly not needing actual 4wd, we do engage it to cross some of the fords but I fancy it's not really required. Some of the oncoming traffic is moving at quite a speed, particularly the tourist trucks/buses which we are lucky not to come upon in some of the tighter spaces. We take just over two hours to make it to the Visitor Centre.

img_6296The ladies manning the Visitor Centre are very helpful, they live here of course, there is nowhere they could commute from which is something I hadn't thought about. They only do this during the season then return to Victoria and Tasmania where they live. Now that is a serious commute.

Echidna Chasm and the Mini Palms walk are some distance away and are both well worth the walk. Huge red cliffs and quite fantastic scenery. Again words fail but you need to do at least the chasm near midday to get the sun down to the bottom, creating spectacular light and shade effects.

The park seems to be well set up with picnic sites and WC's which rate very well on the clean and smell scales. The Kurrajong camping ground is spacious and segregates the generator campers into a separate area. I can imagine that it could get pretty crowded later in the season, apparently that starts next month.

img_6303Dinner is another barbecue on one of the camps iron barbecues, firewood supplied and is excellent although we don't get to it until late (7:30 possibly?). The chair situation is a pain though as one of us, me, has to use the steps into the van as a makeshift seat. Not very comfortable.

Something has upset the tummy, which could have been worse but still involved several trips to the not so nearby WC in the night. I shall be looking into the dysentery kit very shortly. Now for a cuppa.