img_3564A long drive planned for today. Returning to Fitzroy Crossing and through Halls Creek then on to the Bungle Bungle. First however bacon and egg for breakfast and another super swim in the quarry, the water was just as good in the morning.

Apart from the first few km retracing our way back to the main road the road was all tar seal. At Fitzroy we were able to fill the empty gas bottle and but a couple of things we needed (more batteries and cleaning cloths) as well as diesel, our wagon seems much thirstier than Dave's.

Some of our party think Halls Creek is a tidier town but for myself I see few redeeming features except for a swimming and recreation centre, otherwise not really. It makes a useful refuelling and lunch point. I also pop into the store which is an interesting experience and has a very limited stock, I'd say it's not any sort of gold mine.

img_3563It's nearly 4pm by the time we get to the turn off to the Bungle Bungle and the road takes 'up to' 3 hours and is difficult to negotiate. After some discussion and taking into consideration the need to avoid driving at dusk we agree (I think that's the word) to park up at the Spring Creek rest area opposite the park turnoff and deal with it tomorrow.

The park ground is pretty popular but we find a good possie after some messing about and some gratuitous advice from Geoff who is a very friendly and talkative. Turns out Geoff is retired, he used to have a bobcat and backo business (I had to ask, backo as in back hoe, a digger).

Geoff (and his wife Mary who we don't see) have a fantastic camper with trailer with a 4wd in the fully enclosed trailer. I think we are all very impressed with the number of itinerant Aussies who have either sold up or mothballed their homes and and have set out to see the country.

The creek has water in it and we all went down with buckets for a comprehensive wash and brush up, my word we are keeping clean. Again the water was an ideal temperature but perhaps a bit weedy for some tastes.

Dinner of sausages on the wood barbecue and pasta on the gas cooker. All in all pretty good only marred by the incessant buzz of  a couple of generators, these things need to be banned from quiet campsites.

One camper keeps their generator buzzing but when they leave it running and turn off their lights that's too much. Probably unwisely I leap out of bed and go across and bang on the side of their van, and remonstrate with them through the window. It sounds like I wake them up which pleases me but  they do get up and shut down the bloody thing. Wonderful silence.