img_6204The camper is pretty small and packed with stores and our gear but comfortable once you get everything arranged. It got cold overnight but that was ok as we do have blankets, we just had to find them.

Dave had the first slip of the day, falling out the truck. Luckily only pride injured. He's the first one to get red dirt on his pants.

Just met Mary who is travelling around Australia on her own (with her dog Tim). She's been doing it for eight years, nine in December. Mary was a bit disparaging of our attempts to strike camp, she thought us very slow, in fact we were the last to leave.


An uneventful drive to Derby (pronounced as in Kirby) where we stopped for coffee and more supplies, there were a few things forgotten and some things we had far from enough of. We had also run out of water, img_6205Tim clearly had not bothered to include this in his vehicle service, frankly we are less than impressed with the standard of vehicle service, we rather conclude that Tim has gone 'tropo'. [see Camper World Rentals]

The scenery is very african but with more vegetation and a lot of roaming cattle.  The most remarkable things are the big fat Boab trees, one (or presumably more) of which were used as prisons for the Aboriginals in the old days when the whites were enslaving the Aboriginals. We had lunch just out of Derby and then another 160km on the Gibb River Road to Windjana Gorge, another spectacular place, the cliffs at sunset turned a range of colours which my photos fail to do justice to.img_6224

The camp site is very fine with running water, flush toilets and proper showers which we make grateful use of. Pleasingly setting up camp is much easier than last night and we have time to catch the sunset in the gorge, a not to be missed experience.

Tomorrow we plan a sightseeing trip around the gorges and a visit to the Fitzroy Crossing pub.