img_6192It's foggy this morning but a walk into town gets us an excellent breakfast and coffee at Blooms (recommended).

A taxi (with a driver who kept calling us darling) took us to the camper van depot where two large identical 4wd are sitting outside. They are of course nothing like the picture we have seen. A brief peer into the oven sitting on the back has us all laughing, in part a  response to 'you have to be joking' and in part about how some of our friends might have reacted had they been with us.

Tim and Renee are a double act who, with their 5 month old in tow, fill in paperwork, take more money and show us the ropes. We rather feel Tim is taking our expedition just a bit casually but he runs over the camping stove, 'pop top' and the rather basic kit. Anyway this all took a touch longer than we thought.

The Nissan Patrols are not new and have had a rather hard life. I've never driven a vehicle with 350,000km on the clock. Packing

The supermarket was unsurprisingly an unpleasant experience, being a three trolley load trip. Dave and I headed to the liquor shop for supplies then on to the hardware store to get a camp lantern and barbecue. We brought a rather nice portable bbq and gas bottle which one of the blokes in the store, Albert, said he would buy back from us when we had done with it. The gas bottle will come in handy as the camper only comes with one and running out would clearly lead to disappointment at dinner time.

Finally we headed out at gone 3pm, we actually did pretty well I think, this has all been a major. The first thing we saw was a kangaroo hopping across the road. Hitting one of those would clearly be a very bad thing.

The road is dead straight with occasional minor bends and probably not quite what I expected. After about 100km we saw an overnight camp site by the side of the road and, since it was quite late, pulled over. Our colleagues must have been looking at something other the road as the sailed straight on by (apparently the map was involved, there is only one road so.....)

Prawns on the BarbieCamp proved reasonably straight forward to set up, although finding everything was a bit hard to find. We did have a few laughs about the situation.

Dinner of barbecued prawns was fabulous!