img_6171Something of a disappointing day. Started with a splendid breakfast at The Barking Cow in Bridgetown, we though the Nelson might be a bit pedestrian, and opted for more adventure. It was a highlight of the day.

For morning tea we tried the 'Pink Lady' apples and these were simply delicious but the the day started to run downhill.

Bunbury was the first disappointment. There's a boardwalk through the mangroves with 70 types of bird life. We saw none. The boardwalk and surroundings have clearly had a lot of money and effort spent on them but it's all looking very tired.

img_6174The Dolphin Encounter on the other side of the street was somewhat better but the strong onshore wind put paid to any other activity, certainly no boat trips or wading in with dolphins.

Going for the alternative route the South Western Highway was another disappointment as the road is certainly not as good as the Old Coast Road nor as scenic. Pinjarra was a lunch stop but otherwise missed there were no places that we wanted to stop until we got off the main road and visited Kalamunda.

img_6184There are some spectacular views over to the sea and of Perth however the village? town? seemed to be devoid of places to stay so we went on to Mundaring, intending to stay at the Mundaring Weir Hotel. The description in the Golden Chain accommodation booklet for this hotel makes it sound just the place for an idyllic get away sadly this is pretty far from the truth.

The bar was a tip and the girl in charge only moderately interested. We would have had to lug our suitcases down a rang of steps, the bar shut at 5:30 and we would have been driving back to the town for dinner. The Lonely Planet says the hotel has seen better days and that is I think kinder than it deserves. We passed and would suggest you do the same.

The barking Cow, BridgtownThe information centre in Mundaring closes at 4pm, just when you might want to be finding accommodation but luckily has a brochure with motels and restaurants identified pinned up outside. We ended up in a rather basic motel, rather like an upmarket prison cell at the “Traveler's Rest Motel” just out of town.  It seems to be the best of a rather poor bunch. Had it not been getting dark, and our need to be near the airport for the morning we would have moved on........ some days you just have to take what you can get.

I wonder how dinner will stack up? Takeaways in Mundaring perhaps? Oh dear

Well Mundaring has the best pizza in the world (apparently). Hard for me to judge that but it was very, very good. Little Caesars Pizzeria check it out. We even had the remains of last nights wine to wash it down. Things could be worse.