Arrived in the evening in Perth and struggled though the car hire process. Surprisingly the 'extra' insurance costs more than the hire of the car. Plainly Hertz have worked out how to compete with the rent a dents, drop the up front daily charge and load it onto the insurance, Nice one.

The GPS lost Doreen when told we were now in Australia and introduced Sheila, complete with a broad Aussie 'twang'. Sadly she doesn't know where the city roads are and the Medina Hotel is hard to find. It's a nice enough pad but right in the middle of the CBD, surrounded by office blocks. For over $A300 a night plus $A25 for parking it's not aiming for the holiday crowd and is utterly unsuitable for us.

We made the best of a bad job with a very expensive drink on the roadside at the Hilton opposite (A$22.50 for a glass of wine and a beer).

After discussing the options we decided we'd take our chances somewhere else and cancelled the rest of the stay at the Medina. We'll head out to Fremantle tomorrow for breakfast and see what accommodation we can find.