IMG 0428It takes all morning and then some to drive to Chicago and then with even more difficulty we have to negotiate our way around downtown and they have a concert by someone I have never heard of and streets are closed and there are thousands of people out and about.

A brief(ish) double park to check in and dump the bags and we manage to find the Chicago Segway Tour people in the bowels of the Millennium park garage. This is a great tour although avooiding the hords proves more of a problem on a segway.

A quick bit of lunch at the very busy Gage restaurant (fantastic service btw) and we are off on our Segway. Rain does not stop play here but we are wise to this and have rain coats.

The evening takes us to the Miller Pub just down the road for the best meal of the trip (ribs) with a walk afterwards around the Millennium Park. This has the not to be missed "Cloud Gate" sculpture and other temporary exhibitions of equal stature. Impressive.IMG 0430