IMG 0423Today was much busier with traffic backed up for 30-40 minutes to get in but we had decided to only hit the EAA Museum for the morning then go out to see Lake Michigan.

On our walk from the car park a man, Jim, gave us a lift in his Golf cart and then took us on a tour of the museums carpentry workshop - good equipment and a fascinating old guy. This was a highlight of the trip.

Apart from the planes the size of the Voyager cabin and how you could cope with 9 days in it is a mystery.

The afternoon found us at Manitowoc on the Lake Michgan coast where we easily found the Maritime museum and had a tour of their WWII submarine moored just outside. A bit larger than the Voyager but 80 men?

Dinner back at the Roepke's Village Inn, why change a good thing?

IMG 0425