New Bike First Outing

img_8297First off it has to be said that this new model is a really big improvement on the F650GS (single). More performance and better, more responsive handing are the two most evident areas that BMW have worked on. Cornering is just so much easier and more controlled/controllable, unless you happen to meet a stone under the front tyre in the middle of the bend of course, when, not surprisingly it becomes just scary again.

It's not particularly obvious what the extra gears (5 and 6) are for. I guess it must be as a sort of overdrive but since you get to the speed limit in second without any real sweat there is then a period of frantic and pointless gear changes to get into top. It must be for the autobahns.

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img_8302The road from Mt Manganui, through Opotiki and across to Gisborne is quiet with enough trucks to show how the F650GS can whisk past them with little or no effort.

Unfortunately a company called Fulton Hogan have been tasked with dumping large quantities of stone chips and wet tar all over the road in some areas.

If you have been to NZ then you will know (and probably fear) these recently sealed areas as the policy is to spray tar, pour on lots of stones then allow the cars (and bikes) to roll them in. Many of the stones never stick and they build up between the wheel tracks. it can take weeks before they are all clear of the road.

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