sunsetEngine Trip start 31.0 Finish 104.8  - Total 73.8 hours
Distance 10 miles 7 Locks

Last day on the boat passed without event until the end of the day. We got Jennifer onto the Birmingham train at Penkridge. The village boasts at least two butchers making excellent pork pies and pasties which we purchased samples for lunch.

Several hours of motoring bought us through to Autherley Junction where we went past the base and wound (turned the boat around) to return in the morning.

sunsetOur failure to get a 'pump out' of the sewage has now led to one of the toilets being 'full'. Seems as if the fore / aft tank gauges are reversed as the fore bog is FULL and the aft gauge reads full. Luckily we have cling film and the bog is now covered. Ugh

That's really the end of the log as the boat goes back at 9am tomorrow. Overall great fun but next year the weather has made us think very hard about boating in Greece!