Yesterdays Run 10 miles 9 locks

ImageCharlotte and my walk was interrupted for a coffee (and eclair) at the other Audlem cafe, which has better coffee and excellent service.

Great stretch of lock busting (21 of the suckers) with pretty much one boat down each lock allowing us a very swift and easy transit. Only marred by one woman who filled the empty lock to allow them to come down just as I arrived. I left her to it but I'm pretty sure now she didn't understand. We cut her.

Curiously the weather was totally varied with thermals and hats on and off again throughout the day. Enough canal traffic to help us but no queues at all. Great.

ImageThe long stretch through the Woodsleeves Cutting and beyond offers no mooring points and a concrete shelf just under the water. This led us to have to go much further than we'd wanted but we ended up with a fantastic view of the Wreikin and the lands to the south.