Yesterdays Run 18 miles 15 locks

ImageRain overnight but woke to a beautiful morning, not a cloud in the sky. Sadly by the time we set off after our walks/run it clouded over and the temperature dropped to triple thermal and no shorts. You'd wonder how that can happen.

Worked our way to Audlem and went into the village which, on this occasion was closed again, this time for half day closing. I am sure that the shop keepers must be very resentful of the Co-op doing such good business but, like Arkwright, they are 'open all hours'. You're just not going to bother with the others. The co-op even lent us one of their trundlers to take the groceries back to the canal, how nice is that?
We had a look round the fascinating church and a coffee and very nice piece of cake in the cafe that was open but we are suspicious that it was instant coffee (why would they do that?). The village is charming. When open.

We moved one lock up to be away from the pub, not that it was likely to be very noisy but why take the chance? As we set the lock the Heavens opened, not much you can do when that happens except, in my case, take shelter under a gongozlers umbrella. Thanks very much says I and told them the story of the rain last year.

ImageDrinks at the Shroppie Fly pub with a couple of bottles of decent reasonably priced Pinot Grigio and well kept beer (the Bridge Inn in Llangolen could easily learn a thing or two here. Back to the canal for barbecued lamb.