Yesterdays Run 18.5 miles 2 locks

ImageBig day with great weather. The sun has shone all day and has only just started to cool down at 6pm. The wind has stayed brisk throughout however.

Lunch on the run and lots of fun in the locks with weird behaviour from some of the people. The staircase at Grindley seems to attract them, I imagine that the lock keeper must get a a huge number of laughs as long as he can stay dissociated from the stupidity. This was prompted by a group of young people puling at the boat in several directions and climbing over the opening lock gate to stay 'in control' of the boat.

We finally moored up a couple of miles from the end of the Llangollen in wonderful open countryside and had yet another barbecue (steak) with 500 and Pictionary to follow.

ImagePleased to report that the schedule has been restored and we should now have no problem getting back to Autherley Junction in good time.