Yesterdays Run 7 miles 0 locks

ImageAway at 10 after a walk/run and hopefully reasonable progress despite a lot of boats on the canal. We went up the branch to Ellemere for more supplies (wine can you believe, what happened to the three dozen?)

Lynn had the 'stop' of the week when she failed to take a bend at full speed. Doors and drawers open in the kitchen. My room became a mess, gosh.

We parked up for a barbecue as we got into England at the Whixall Moss. This was really a delightful spot but we rather forgot about the insect life (It's marked as a site of special scientific interest due to the insects). Moving on we managed to cut the mooring rope that was hanging over the stern. Lots of fun with the weed hatch and propeller.
ImageApart from the weed hatch tonight was marked as a no games night, Lynn and the girls were talking nutrition.  I was allowed to read the paper (which you can do until nearly 10pm without a light).

Still a very long way to go and only 4 days left. We all got a touch of the sun today, me a sunburnt neck where I must have missed with the sun screen.