Yesterdays Run 12 miles 0 locks

ImageAnother early start but this time we all went to go and climb the hill (mountain?) to the ruins of Castell Dinas Bran. The early rain cleared and it was a great walk (run) to the top with truly fabulous views of the surrounding countryside (Lynn thought is so good she did it three times!). Bloody windy at the top. Pity about the campers and their trash.

Next was the steam train to Corwen and back. This brought back many happy memories for the older members of the party and a smut in the eye for one of the younger ones looking out of the window.

Finally we made the obligatory shopping trip for comestibles and back to the marina for lunch. We'd recommend the basin as the best mooring spot.
Finally we set off around 3pm with Lynn and Charlotte walking ahead to make sure no one came up through the one way parts. Sadly the one way bit didn't work out too well with three boats coming up against us. We waited for about half an hour for this to get sorted out.

ImageThe Pontcysyllte aquaduct was just as as good as last time and when we got over we went down to the bottom to get some photos. We had to climb a large gate to get into the paddock to get good pictures but it was great to get down there.

Dinner (barbeque) outside a bloody great factory at Chick in the remaining sunshine was great. We lent a rather odd young man a mooring spike, wondering if we'd get it back. we did, it turned out he's pretty unprepared and had trouble with his motor back in the tunnel. Had to leave him to it.