Yesterdays Run 6 miles 9 locks

ImageEarly start with no rain after heavy overnight showers. There are not many options for runs/walks so we are underway right on target at 9:30.

We saw a lot of boats and had to let several racers past, one pretty rude and gave it heaps. Nutters are always with us. Speaking of which as we crossed into Wales I lost concentration (trying to take a photo) and almost hit the next guy overtaking. Oops.

Finally arrived in Ellesmere at Blackwater Meadow Marina whom I had spoken to earlier to arrange a pump out. Things had been getting seriously smelly even for a pee. Mary, Jenn and I left Lynn and Charlotte to it and walked the short distance into town for yet more provisions and found it to be a nice little town with good shopping, including coffees.

ImageUnfortunately the office lady at the marina is having a rather bad time with the VAT and perhaps in general but she's still friendly and helpful. More to the point the pump out man seemed pretty knowledgeable and was very helpful in sorting the smell problem by flushing the tanks. He says this no smell situation may not last in the warm weather we're having. We even filled with water from their very fast tap.

We have noticed that many people are wearing light summer clothing while we are rugged up with thermals (two in my case), polar fleeces and rain jackets. Perhaps this is warm for Wales? Anyway something is getting the odure moving.

We asked a chap for directions and I ended up in conversation with him. He has a daughter in NZ, near Christchurch, Alexandria he thought. Anyway he ended up giving me a copy of  a book he has written, how good is that?

Back underway by 3pm, we ate an excellent on the go lunch through the most superb countryside. The standard of farming seems to be a bit on the rough side with fences, pasture quality and animal health all a bit suspect. The size of the farm buildings and their capital and maintenance cost would also be a huge concern. We saw the big bales of hay being wrapped in plastic, save a bag at the supermarket to save the planet? You must be kidding, there are some big problems to solve here.

ImageWe moored just up from the New Marton Locks with nearly 12 miles to go. A smooth lock operation through the two saw Lynn make her first solo, very good it was too.

Wild evening excitement with barbecued steak and Pictionary. Blows were not exchanged during the latter but almost.....