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Doris finally makes it

So once the Staples2Naples rally was over we were able to spend a few days to the South of Naples in the fabulous Sorrento Peninsular. This turned out a little harder than we'd expected, partly because Doris, the little Red Rover, gave a burst of petulance in a traffic jam on the motorway in Naples and partly when we finally arrived we had some difficulty finding a hotel for the night anywhere we might have considered acceptable.

Ultimately we made our way to a wedding venue with an apartment for rent at a reasonable (100 euro per night for all of us) price. The place is called the Villa Giovan Battista della Porta and we'd have to recommend this bar a problem with a nasty stain on the towels discovered on the final night. Clearly they were not actually laundering the towels, just drying them. In all other respect it was great.

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