Wild flowersThe groups at the Hotel Grotta Azzura had wolfed the breakfast and it had not been replenished so we had a delightful coffee and custard filled cornetto at a cafe.

The programme for the day was mostly a drive through the charms of the National Park (truly fabulous scenery)  then a push back to the coast for tomorrows departure from Rome. Started with post cards for Mary and an Italian haircut for me. We were both very pleased with the results of our handiwork.

Mary had a drive on the little windy roads but had problems with steering and changing gear at the same time. We returned to male driving in short order.

national ParkOnce past Terni we really just had to struggle with unfamiliar signs and unbuilt  roads, eventually arriving at Orbitello and the Monte Argentario. Some hunting in Porto Santo Stefano failed to turn up a convenient hotel to the port so we headed around the island to Port' Ercole which turned out to be much nicer, by which I mean less crowded and dirty.

The Bi Hotel (no kidding) on the waterfront was a little expensive but fabulously located for a night in the town.

Wild Flowers