Market DayDecided to breakfast independently in the huge market that had miraculously set up overnight in the piazza. The place was awash with people buying and selling stuff in stalls of all types, quit amazing.

The Lonely Planet had recommended we visit the Basilica di Sant' Ubaldo on top of the big hill at the back of the town, not because of the basilica (which is interesting) but because of the method of transport. This is the Funivia Colle Eletto, a hanging wire basket affair for one or two persons that you get pushed into by the operator.

Mary and I shared on the way up but she soloed going down. I think she only went down in it because the walk was too intimidating. The basilica has the saints body laid out in a glass coffin. Since he died in the 12 century he's understandably not looking too flash, we found it a bit spooky to be honest.

The CageSadly this was the point where the new Canon camera ate all the photos (2GB worth) suddenly 'no images'. I see this can happen when the card fills up, I hope we can get them back......

The bit I told about there not being any tourists seems not to have been entirely accurate, there are a lot of English and German, not anything like as bad as Orvieto but there are small groups of very noisy ones, particularly English who seem to think they are still in Wilmslow. Luckily most are unintrusive, but not the ones in the same cafe as us for lunch, they ground on about going for a swim in the swimming pools in an accent reminiscent of  fingernails on a blackboard.

We treated the car to a litre of oil as there was nothing on the dip stick and we don't want it to fail on us. Mr Avis take note, you might want to check the oil levels on cars before you send them out.

We had a lot of trouble finding our way out of Gubbio but eventually made it to Norcia in the Valnerina. The Hotel Grotta Azzura gave us a small room, and I do mean small, and we ate in their very busy and quite adequate restaurant with many of the tour groups in town. If you can find anywhere else with people in it I'd probably suggest you eat there instead.Norcia rooftops