A Fiat RallyBack to the walking and today it's off to Orvieto. The booklet says this is just under 19km and should take 5 hours. Yeah Right.

Left just before 9 and had no problem buying a picnic lunch and took until 4 to get to the lovely town of Orvieto. Lovely that is until you look around and discover it's full of tourists buying things in tourist shops, mostly ceramics and snow domes of the Pope, honestly, yes we saw one.

In fairness we did not see the town at it's best as the rain which had been on and off all day decided to go for it. We'll take another look in the morning before we pick up the rental car.

We met up with our Route Manager Aurora and complemented her on how well the trip had gone and explained the minor problems we'd had with the map/overgrown track. She also promised to find out what had happened to the little dog in Sovano. Turned out she had seen it in Pitigliano a day before. [she did get back to us a few days later and a home had been found for the dog, much to Mary's relief, and mine as I suspect it would have been shipped to NZ otherwise]

OrvietoDinner just around the corner from the hotel in a Grotte which was a great location with excellent food but somehow lacking, too much tourist presence, even the menu was english. It somehow spoils it when you get the same thing as you would at home......

All in all another first rate trip with ATG-Oxford. Would we do it again? To paraphrase Arnie, "we'll be back"