Waiting for enough victimsThe optional excursion of a 20km, 6 hour walk was clearly entirely out of the question. Just no way either of us would have done that so a day of seeing the sights.

After getting up, one at a time, and an excellent breakfast we headed  out to look at the boat trip to Capodimonte on the other side of the Lake. Turned out this required at least 10 patrons who were eventually press ganged from the passing foot traffic. We met a most interesting Italian chap with excellent English on board and his wife (Theresa) and passed a most entertaining three hours.

Back in Bolsena we headed off for lunch and this time took in one of Aurora's recommendations. The biggest, and probably the best, pizza we have ever had was forthcoming. Despite valiant efforts neither of us could finish them and we were left with too much lunch inside......

Deserted island in Lake BolsenaCouldn't even do a serious walk afterwards so we waited for the Catacombs under the Church of St Cristina to open which finally happened at 3:30. Very impressive and worth seeing but more than a bit spooky. You kind of wonder what they did with the (dead) residents and how pissed off might they be at being evicted to make way for a tourist attraction?

The afternoon rains took their opportunity to unleash just as we were about at the hotel, luckily we only got mildly wet. Nothing a siesta wouldn't cure.

Drinks just off the square and an excellent dinner at another of Aurora's recommendations nicely rounded off our rest day.