Maremma sheep dogs take an unhealthy interest in usBreakfast was functional and al least we did not have to try the croissants preserved in plastic bags which pretend they will last for months. Of course they probably do but only because the croissants are plastic too. Anyway there was real fresh bread and salami and cheese.

We bought some more pizza bread over the road for our walk and set off pretty early, at least for us. Weather overcast windy an cold in the wind.

About mid morning we were walking along a road section of the route and a truck pulled over. Turned out it was our host from last night and he was very concerned (we think) that we were on the wrong road. Some discussion with him and his passenger convinced him we were right, or at least he should leave us to our own devices.

Latera (?)Another moment of interaction was when Mary felt she should pull off the road for a pee. Needless to say the farmer pulled up straight away, having not seen a car for an hour or more. We think we may have convinced him that we pee in our drinking tubes but that too is something that will be hard to find out

Most of the route was woodland and/or farmland with some fine views from time to time but the low cloud hanging about made them hard to photograph. By the time we got to Latera it was starting to look pretty dark so we stopped ate our lunch and had a cuppa in the local bar.

The first rain stared just on the outskirts of Latera and appeared intermittently from there. When it did come it was heavy though and coats were on and off like lady of ill repute's underwear.

Finally made it in pouring rain in a full on thunderstorm to Lake Bolsena. Luckily Aurora (our trip manager) had had the good sense to skip the boat (there were good size whitecaps out there and no visibility) and send Mr Luigi, yes that's his name, in a taxi.

Lake Bolsena, not at it's bestNeedless to say the rain stopped as soon as we got to Lago Di Bolsena and we were able to get into our room (not actually both at the same time, the room at the Royal was too small for that), shower and head out for a much needed drink. The wind was well up and cold so sweater, jacket and beanie were in order. much to her embarrassment, but did I care? No.

Went to a recommended Tratoria by the lake but it was very quite and we were both a little disappointed by the fish we had. The view, the sunset across the lake and the wine made up for a lot however. Anyway dead beat we were tucked into the very comfortable bed by just after 10.