Bad weather loomsA day off but not really. There are some seriously elaborate tombs just down the hill so after some effort we gathered enough food for a picnic lunch. The shops seem to open randomly and even if they say they will be open they may well not be.

First off was a visit to the 11th Century Duomo which is a great place. Somewhat spartan but all the better for that. many of the places we have visited have been wildly ornate for our taste.

Mary has made a friend of the little dog that wanted it's tummy tickled yesterday. It followed us up and down the street and had to be shooed away or it would have come with us for the day.

There were two sets of tombs and several "via cavea", the largest of the latter over 25m deep. Most impressive. The OSH people in NZ need a bit f a visit here to see that people can actually look after themselves to a far greater extent then they would believe and don't immediately throw themselves over an edge just because there's no 1.2m balustrade.

PeppinoLow light of the day was losing my hat but a nice couple found it and brought it down.

On balance we may have walked a bit far as there is another longer walk tomorrow.

Anyway we return to find the dog still waiting for us. It's curled up on the step of the hotel as I write this.


Fortunately the dog story has a happy ending as it followed us down to the local bar where we had  couple of drinks and the little boy there (8 or 9 perhaps) took a shine to he 'abandonato' dog and prised food out of his mother for it.

TombsAnyway we shoved off as soon as practical and went to he Tratoria for a fine dinner of wild boar, wild foul and rabbit (also wild).