A wet start in Pitigliano First day of the walking trip and we wake to rain and cold(ish) winds. Hum.

We stalled over the usual inedible Italian hotel breakfast but in the end had to set forth, luckily the rain did ease, after a bit, and cleared up for the most part. We got caught for about half an hour or so later in the day but "otherwise fine".

We estimate that we eventually finished up with around 10km walk and a really good day, despite the rain

Turns out the Etruscan lanes were dug out of the rock as paths/roads with burial chambers dug into them. They are huge and deep and there seems to be no knowledge about who made them or why. All we can say is that they were very impressive and entirely unexpected.

Etruscan LanesThe hotel in Sovana (the Sovana Resort) is excellent, another first class room with a small balcony. We had to remove our shoes before we went into the hotel, they were dreadfully dirty. Now we've done a bit of hand washing the whole place looks like a chinese laundry.

A clean up, us not the laundry, a look around the town (doesn't take long) and drinks at the local bar followed by dinner at something of an upmarket joint, Taverna Etrusca, very nice but well over priced.