Our stairsBig day out but only a few pictures as both major spots did not allow pictures.

First off were the Catacombs at Sant' Agnese fuori le Muri and as a bonus a wedding in the church at the same time. The guide was a bit on the quick side but after 15 minutes down there we'd pretty much had it. Only one other on the tour so no crowds, a very good thing as there is just no space down there.

A quick look at the Porte Pia was only justified as we had to change buses there and then on the the Villa Borgese. Lunch in at the cinema cafe in the park was ok and the service excellent. Above all the toilets were clean and top notch, very important due to a very urgent need.

The park itself is a bit of a let down, too many people, grass worn down by excessive use and overall looks a bit down at heel. We were stuck with a bit of  a wait for our appointment at the Gallery Borgese at 3pm, so no siesta for us. Luckily it clouded over and the afternoon was somewhat cooler than we have had so far otherwise we would have struggled

Apollo & DaphneThe Gallery Borgese was really the highlight museum of the trip as the Bennini sculptures are masterpieces beyond anything I have seen before. Most of the paintings with some exceptions are interesting but not really my cup of tea, Bernini however, words fail to describe the mans huge talent and indeed the scope and volume of his work.