Woring out Palatine HillEarly starts are again de rigor due in no small part to the jet lag.

We set off for the Palatine Hill and immediately got lost. Luckily the Tiber is clearly marked even on our map so we were able to get to the Circus Maximus and thence to the entrance.

This time pre warned by the Blue Book we bought a Roma Pass (three days access to the museums and public transport). The Palatine Hill was not very busy and we had a superb walk through it, well worth a look see, mostly for the views of the city and Forum areas.

As also identified by the book, the ticket (in this case the Roma Pass), allowed us access to the Colosseum without queueing except for security. This is a great saving and well worth while. The crowds do make for a wearing experience and by noon we were both at the end of the road so to speak.

 The ForumA quick, and packed, bus trip with our free passes brought us to lunch just off the Pizza Venezia. Salads and toasted sandwiches were very welcome as was the litre of cold water. Another rapid bus trip took us back to the church just around the corner from our flat.

Back in bed by 2pm for another siesta, a great custom and one that is unfortunately lost to us in the UK and New Zealand. This needs to be rethought.

Another foray to the Internet Cafe solved the email access problem, turns out that I had a dodgy keyboard yesterday so the password was coming out wrong. This solved and five days accumulated mail was at my disposal, luckily nothing of interest or urgent!.

ColusseumMore drinks at the Campo (note this is expensive, €20 for two beers and two white wines) followed by an excellent three course "plat de jour" at the Tratoria Pallaro, just downstairs from our apartment allowing an easy stagger home.