So now what?These journeys never get shorter! Travelled uneventfully apart from an hours late departure from Auckland and Mary's plastic bag of liquids being too large. Worse yet she had a larger than 200 ml container of hair spray (not full I should point out), clearly this was a real threat to the plane but readily solved by leaving it in the bin next to the security point.   If this stuff is really a potential threat rather than the whole thing being a make work scheme then surely a better disposal system would be required? I know what conclusion I have to draw.

Finally arrived at Rome at 05:50 tired but pleased to be here. Missed the first train from the airport into the city due to trying to get into the train on the wrong side. Next train was easy and the transfer to a taxi painless, he even understood where I wanted to go. Good old lonely planet......

So there we are in Largo del Pallaro at 8am sitting by the side of the square on top of our bags. Luckily we had an email from Carlo (our Host) advising to go to the local restaurant and get the key form the owner at 9am and how to open the vey difficult doors. This we did but there was some confusion about about if the 3rd floor was american or british standard, i.e start from 1 or from Ground. Turns out it starts from Ground....... Bugger. Only 60 steps up (and down) or so someone has written in the visitors book, I must remember to check.

The flat was rented via and can be found here

Hadrians TombFinally we got in and discovered the flat had not been cleaned so we did the only thing possible, went out as we were and walked to the local market then on to Castel Sant' Angelo (Hadrians mausoleum). Terrific views of the city from the top and the place was interesting if not spectacular.

We walked through St Peters Piazza and thence back to the flat via lunch in the nearby square. Lovely weather and fascinating watching the world go by.

A bit of a siesta was called for and then out for drinks in the nearby piazza and a very nice dinner. Sadly we were both a bit the worse from the journey and an early night was in order!

The Vatican