img_8690A very early arrival (and a good sleep on the plane) gave us the day to play in Hong Kong. Our kip is the Kowloon hotel is very central but the rooms are tiny, there's not even room for the hamster wheel.

Getting out of the hotel the first obstacle was a tout claiming we had won a major prize in a 'survey' and all we needed to do was......... Turns out there are a lot of them, move rapidly on to the Ferry across to Central.

The place has changed in the 30 odd years since we were last here and you have to wonder at how so many people fit into such a small area.


The ancient ferry requires HK$ change and but is as cheap as chips and has the most fabulous views. Our plan for the day is to follow a Frommer's itinerary that I downloaded before we left. Mostly this worked out pretty well although their lunchtime suggestion of Sammy's Kitchen is rubbish. Better to have a dim sim somewhere, much better.

Buses and trams are easy to work out, very cheap and a great way to immerse yourself in the place. So what if you end up in the wrong place, it's going to be interesting. We did get to Aberdeen and were wondering how to get over the harbour when a charming little junk pulled up and for $HK150 madam offered us a tour of the harbour. Just loved it, we didn't even haggle.


The final excursion was up to Victoria Peak on the tram, more of a funicular railway, in fact. We were both fairly tired after a full day and a welcome shower back at the hotel freshened us up for dinner at the very excellent Hutong restaurant with he most fabulous view of the city. Service was OK but he food very good albeit expensive. Clearly our girl was on commission to sell an expensive 'tasting' menu, she could have taken 'no' for an answer.

The last item of he day was the Symphony of Lights, a kind of laser/music show where some of the city is lit up with lasers and stuff. Not bad but if you miss it you'd not be too sorry.

img_8731Finally a word on the Lonely Planet "Encounter" guide book. This 2009 edition is clunky to use and for some reason has no proper index, it's divided into sections which makes it impossible. Stuff you want to now is scattered or possibly missing altogether. There must be better available surely?