ChateauWe escaped from Auray at a fairly reasonable hour but both of us had been molested by mosquitos in the night (as well as passing scooters, trains, drunks, parking cars and a huge thunder storm) leading to a lack of sleep and a certain lack of good humour.  Still sticking to the back roads we headed in the direction of the Forest of Paimpont where the legendary lake of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table is reputed to be.

Sadly there is something wrong with my camera/memory chip and the Card Full/No Images has happened again. This time however I am bang up to date with downloading he pictures onto the computer and I have some idea about how to get the pictures off the card. This will help explain why there are no snaps until we got to Vitre. I am rather hosed about the Forest and the lack of pictures but Joan has one of the Lake which I will be able to get a copy of.

Almost all our roads today were great fun and pretty near empty, in particular we liked the roads in the forest, many of which were used mostly by the military and are only intermittently open. The down side of the entire day was the heat which was fine until we donned the motorcycling gear when it all became unbearably hot. I was even inclined to pass by several sets of "alignments" of stones as it was just too hot to trudge around them in motorcycle gear.

Our garretWe had lunch in the small town of Guer which is well kept and has a splendid square an some very curious twisted buildings. The bells from the church were deafening when the service (a christening perhaps) ended so we moved on.

The town of Vitre where we stopped for the night seems unprepossessing at first but the Lonely Planet suggested the Hotel du Chateau and hat the town was better than it appeared. On arrival at 4:15 the hotel was closed and a note in the door suggested that it would re-open at 4pm. I rang the attached number and a phone in the street attached to M and Mme rang. M & Mme hurried to let us in and rent us two fourth floor garrets with views of the Chateau (no lift of course). Joan immediately put her boots out on the window ledge rather letting down the tone of the place I thought.

After removing several layers of sweat I set off and discovered that the town is a real medieval treasure and that last night they had had a huge son et lumiere on the Chateau which, viewed from the special temporary tiered seating, must have been tremendous. Oh yes, we were in Aurey where they don't care about Bastille day. Great :(

I must say it's very lucky that Brittany has enough to keep you well occupied for a couple of days contary to what you may hear from some (unnamed) sources.

Joined by Joan a bit later we had a 1664 Beer Blonde in Le Chat Noir. The beer was terrific but the drunks, who had been there a while, were not. We were able to sit outside for dinner next door which was was both inexpensive and very good although the service could have been a little quicker. I'll try to catch the name of the restaurant tomorrow (Le Soupe aux Choux, spelling may be a bit off here) as it still deserves a recommendation for excellent food and good ambience.

The forecast is for rain tomorrow so we may well get wet. There is no real choice as tuesday's ferry beckons. Poo.
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