FishermanThe apartment at Le Hostellerie du Bois du Nevet was so nice, albeit a bit unusual with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, no lounge, no kitchen, we decided to make life easy we'd stay a second night and explore the Cornouaille peninsular and around Quimper. The weather has perked up more than slightly and my head is rather beetroot coloured, my silly hat has a large quantity of melted chocolate on it making it (and my disk lock) unwearable.

Douarnenez is a nice little working sea port and worth a short explore. Sadly we missed the sea museum which is supposed to be very good but we did get a good breakfast.

We then rode out along lovely roads to Pointe Du Van, not quite the west-most point of France the little chapel that has been build there. The view is tremendous.

Pointe du  VanWe thought we'd get two for the price of one and moved around the short distance to Pointe Du Raz but apparently this has become a theme park along the lines of  Land's End in the UK, and for the first time we were faced with people wanting to charge for entry. Having only just been commenting on the joy of having all the facilities provided for free we drove away and kept the money to put towards something useful like lunch.

Breton national dress is somewhat more convoluted than most and for ladies can involve an up to 30cm lace tube that sits on top of the head. This garment must be pretty inconvenient  given the winds prevailing around the area however the lace is made in the village of  Pont-L'Abbe, where coincidentally they are having a lace festival this week.

The long and uninspiring ride through a built up urbanish area to Pont-L'Abbe culminated in a splendid crepe lunch, in my case with the national dish - sardines can you believe. Actually it was very, very good. Also sadly there was no evidence of lace festivals although we saw one headdress in a shop window. Seems like the weekend is the time to be there but we have to press on as, I am assured, there are only a days worth of sights in Bretany, at the outside. We did have the best ice cream (glace) ever though.

Breton DressOn returning to Locronan we went into the village to have a drink and dinner the final parts of the Tromenie were still underway and we saw several people in the national costume. Our friendly barman from last night greeted us with a handshake and I gave him my New Zealand flag lapel badge. He seemed very pleased. Dinner at the Logis de France in town was also excellent however the rain decided to come back while we were in the restaurant. We got soaked!