Mont St MichelThe forecast rain turned up overnight and came in very heavy bursts. A wander around Coutances between showers showed that there is no shortage of amazing cathedrals. This one is somewhat different having a cloister like arrangement round the rear of the alter. Most attractive and certainly worth a look. The Jardin of Plants was well named but what else would be in there?

Our plan had been to stay a second night in Coutances and take a tour of the Hague Peninsular in the north. The weather was very nasty which made staying put look pretty attractive however our host could not accommodate us so it was out into the rain with a revised plan to make it south to Le Mont St Michel.

Tigers?We took off and astoundingly the rain rapidly cleared up, the roads dried and the sun came out as we hit the coast. The result was an excellent ride down to Granville, Avranches and thence to the Mont. The circus had come to town in Avranches, the seem to have a tiger in a cage, it's surely not right.

No description from me of the Mont is possible however the car park is both vast and full. The little 'town' at the end of the causeway does little to excite anything except a feeling that an early departure is well overdue. We headed to nearby Pontorson but that is also an unattractive small town apparently only catering to Mont visitors.  If you need a Le Mont St Michel snow dome this would be an ideal place to acquire one.

Not being in need of a snow dome or other souvenir of the lovely towns we went back to the village of Courtils where we had seen a Logis De France hotel, le P'tit Quinquin and obtained two lovely quiet rooms for a relatively modest price.

The risk with this strategy is the you are very tied to the dinner in the restaurant however in this case you'd have to say it was an excellent meal.