Joan gets Blown AwayAn early departure turned out to be only just early enough. The traffic in Berkshire/Surrey was at fever pitch preventing Joan from even getting out to fill with fuel. I hadn't thought of fuel so we'd have had to have stopped anyway.

Luckily the motorways were only slightly bogged (accidents, road works, wind of which more later (see photo), etc.) and we got to the port with no time to spare except that the boat was late. Panic over.

An uneventful crossing ably assisted by the nice people on Sea France who lashed our bikes down for us (InterIslander take note). The food and accommodation was good but boat could use a refurbish though. Not an easy cornerOn arrival we immediately got lost in Calais, slow reactions precluded a photo of Joan turning into a narrow dead end road and executing a 210 point turn. My turn came later. In fairness navigation is somewhat impeded by only having a Lonely Planet (that does not cover Calais) and the French pages from a 20 year old school atlas.

We stopped for a coffee and glace and our host recommended St Valery. Turned out to be a good recommendation with the town having a sterling reputation for mussels and chips. We ate at at a very nice place at the end of the waterfront called "La Terrasse" and found the reputation for mussels is well deserved.

The Hotel Les Pilots while not exactly cheap (2 star) is not too bad at all and allowed us to park our 'motos' in the forecourt where I am sure in more clement weather the patrons may take moules in one of their 42 different recipes. The receptionist even recovered the keys from one of the bikes and put them in Joan's room with a little note. Good service.

Apart from the wind the weather was very good but who knows what tomorrow may bring. We couldn't find out due to a dodgy internet connection to France Telecom