Support Team Shopie, Sharron, Charlotte, JennStrictly speaking while this was not part of the trip to France but since I had not returned to base I think it right to include it.

First let me say Tower Bridge is noisy, very very noisy. Particularly so when workmen are setting up for one of the worlds biggest marathons outside ones bedroom window. Another good use for the trusty ear plugs then.

The day started fine and very quiet once the traffic stopped, then the crows started to appear., seems Tower Bridge is a good place to view from as it's an easy walk to see the competitors twice, as they go to Canery Wharf and then back again.

We move insideThe number of people and variety of costumes is amazing, ranging from 9' tall robots (only one) to Borat 'thongs' (at least two). The rain came and the temperature dropped at least 10 degrees mid way through so we retired to watch from the first floor.

Once the straggles we passed we walked across the traffic deserted bridge and to the other side where the 'runners' were looking considerably more footsore and many clearly having had quite enough.

Finally the road outside opened and I was able to get away at around 5pm for the final and slowest part of the journey back to Virginia Water. The traffic is appalling and on one occasion I made full use of the ABS on the wet road, a heart stopping moment when I thought the taxi and I were going to occupy the same space. Shudder.

Don't try this most days