The view from the vile Le BelvedereApart from the internal issues the day was a stunner, frost on the cars outside but not a cloud in the sky. The forecast tells a different story and it would be brave to ignore it as it's at least 6 hours back to Calais. The motorway in the rain? Oh dear no.

According to the forecast the rain spreads in from the west and makes a mess of the weekend so plan A is to make it as far as possible during the day and before the rain starts (if at all).

I figured I had to wait at least an hour with no calls back to the bathroom as an urgent stop with the motorcycle gear on is likely to end badly. A small kit of clean smalls and lots of bog paper made a confidence building if not spectacularly useful package.

Le Mans CircuitThe local pharmacy was able to muster a packet of Imodium substitute much to the amusment of the mamoiselle. Ho very ho I thought. Two of these might have the desired effect. 

The big choice was the motorway (where stopping is impossible) but of course much faster or the back roads where at least a field might serve, at the expense of a slower journey. The back roads won and so with no breakfast (even if it was wise the hotel is not to be trusted with food) off is set just before 10.

By 11, back at Le Mans, this time with a long distance view of the track and a welcome stop to refuel the bike and bottle of water for me. Succumbed to the need for food about an hour later and ate half a baguette sandwich, apparently without ill effect although there was the odd rumble down under.

Lunch StopAbout this stage I figured I need to make better time so handing over the navigation to Doreen (the nice GPS lady) it was onto the Peage and 'quel horror' she took me onto the Paris Periperique. Those of you who have tried the map thing on the motorcycle will know that you can drive well or navigate adequately but not both at the same time. I opted for the former.

The motorcycle filtering through the traffic at absolutely mad speeds can only be wondered at. It looked dangerous, then I saw one lad take a spill in the fast lane the other way so I suspect it is dangerous, he seemed to get up and shout a lot so maybe not to much harm done. I sat in the traffic. It did dispel any tiredness I may have been feeling. Seems the bikes horn is broken. Great.

View from L' ArmorFinally arrived at Compiegne, 50km or so north of Paris just before 7pm. It's a very long way from last nights stop.

The recommended hotel (Hotel de Harlay) was full surprisingly. They pointed me to the next door Hotel Armor, best described as, what, adequate perhaps? Just noticed that it's another Logis de France, I've gone off these a bit now.

Dinner at the Le Bouchon was however excellent and hopefully will not cause any problems later.  (Well that question didn't take long to answer, better to have skipped diner I think)