Bloody ColdWoke to sunny but cold day. Yesterdays snow was all but gone, just the sad remains of our snowmen sitting on the lawn.

This turned out to be something of a false start weather wise as although the day remained fine the snow got thicker the further towards Dover I got, finally turning into a thickish covering in France.  The photo shows how bad it got with heaps in the middle of the road! Yes it got cold despite the double layer of thermals and inner liners.

Arrived well early for an uneventful ferry journey. Note to self, buy the more expensive changeable ticket on Seafrance, it'll make early arrivals (and late ones) less of an issue. I was a bit dubious about the adequacy of the tie-down for the bike but spent the time with the Lonely Planet and a new map plotting my first move.

First step was to get away from Calais and so the direction of Rouen looked like to go. No announcement of the time change led to a bit of confusion about the time (ok I got it wrong) so I ended up far too late (8pm) at the hotel in Les Andelys, near Rouen.

Sn set on the SeineA wrong turn after a fuel stop on the Peage added an extra twenty minutes to the journey plus an extra toll as I had to go off and back onto the road however the hotel (de la Chaine d'Or) recommended in the Lonely Planet was worth it. Yes, I was in time to see the sunset over the Seine and yes it is spectacular but not a patch on the Nile at Luxor or the Indian Ocean at Zanzibar..

Dinner in hotels, pretty much the only choice, is always a lonely affair. On this occasion the table next to me had a silent middle aged couple, looked like Jack Spratt and his wife, which made me feel being alone was not such a bad thing. I will however look for a hotel in the middle of a town tomorrow.

A total of 450kms (plus ferry). But the best news is that the pins and needles from the Carpa Tunnel have all but gone. Now only the  joint pain......