IMG 1843Laundry day today. The Citadines have a laundrette in the basement, not the cheapest I've ever seen but five stars for convenience.

After that we make our way down the river to the Musee d'Orsay. There are two queues, one for those with tickets (empty) and one for the rest (hours long). After a coffee and a think we head for the Information Centre accross the river where it seems you can buy the tickets (a museum pass) for 2, 4 or 6 days which will avoid the queue. The helpful lady there also says don't activate it today as many museums are closed on Tuesday (today) and the Notre Dame does not have the priority queue.

So the remainder of the day is divided between Notre Dame (the roof view is magnificent). There is a rehearsal for tonight's musical going on but it's sadly marred by the crowd who clearly do not understand "no flash" or "silence" regardless of how many languages the signs are written in.

The Jardin du Luxembourg and the Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise (cemetery) are well worth a look but they pale compared with Notre Dame.

A pushy man outside the Au Beaujolais restaurant puts us off but the review from Trip Advisor is good so we do eat there. The food is very good and the two brothers (Mario and ?) are an entertainment.