IMG 1728We wake to rain, heavy and wetting so we linger at the Lodge Kerisper for as long as we can. This is a delightful room although small and we are very reluctant to leave but leave we do.

La Trinité-sur-Mer is also packed, a public holiday by the beach and the start of a yacht race today has the place at capacity. Luckily we are on the way out of town
We backtrack to the Maison de Megaliths for some background on the stones and another look at them then on to a couple of Dolmens, the stone pictured is apparently 40 tons and was put there 6000 years ago. It beggars belief really.


IMG 1748The rain sets in a bit after lunch and we are glad not to be going to far. A number of strategic stops have to be made to keep from the worst of the weather

The hotel La Rohan at Pontivy is as quiet as you might expect, it's plainly not a tourist destination and many of the shops are closed permanently (the others are just closed now).

Dinner at one of the few open restaurants, Augerge de L'Isle, is ok and we book it again for tomorrow.