IMG 1714A cross country run after a substantial delay trying to find accommodation for tonight. Everything nice seems booked but finally I was able to get a single night at the Lodge Kerisper (a Lonely Planet recommendation) at La Trinité-sur-Mer near Carnac.

The warmest ride of the trip so far today, and we take the direct, shortest route to Carnac. The standing stones when we get there are a wonder and again the why and how are beyond understanding. Did someone just say "I've had an idea...." and everyone said "Yes, what? Things have been quiet lately".

Just love the Lodge Kerisper, Dave, the Dutch owner, is more than helpful and makes us most welcome.

IMG 1709Apparently this week is the holiday of Ascension which is going to make booking hotels most difficult. Oh well. With some difficulty I've secured an oddly inexpensive room at Le Rohan in landlocked Pontivy for a couple of nights. This could be a mistake but public holidays are public holidays and we need somewhere to stay and do laundry.

Dinner at the nearby La Plancha was very nice but the rain started while we were there, something motorcyclists do not want