IMG 1694Breakfast is just as good with helpful and charming staff serving a slap up buffet breakfast.

The remainder of the Lonely Planet "Pays Des Abers" driving tour is just as hood with more menhirs, a dolmen and stunning coastal views.

Lovely trip with much warmer weather and we see the largest menhir in France, down two meters from it's original height due to a lightning strike. You have to wonder why? and how? Amazing that it's 5000 years old.

It's a very nice ride down to Crozen (avoiding Brest) where I have booked at the Hostelerie De La Mer, a Logis de France. It's a very pretty area.


IMG 1689Dinner at the restaurant in the hotel is, we thought, excellent but sadly my body does not agree and it's my turn for the trots in the night. We may well avoid the seafood from here on in.