IMG 1586Not a lot warmer today but the sun is out which brightens things up considerably.

We are very taken with the friendly and helpful staff at the Hotel Arvor, so much so that we will stay a second night although we have to move rooms. The hotel staff are so good as to do our laundry in their machine for a nominal cost. Could not be better.

The day is spent looking around the old town of Dinan, including a brief visit to the top of the clock tower. Mary felt the hand rail was rather too insecure for her taste and beat a hasty retreat.

The walk around the ramparts and the tour of the town are both fun too. Overall a very pleasant day.


Quite a bit of time goes into planning tomorrows night stop as a lot of hotels in Finistere are full on Saturday night. A bit of a pain but unavoidable.

IMG 1605Later

Dinner at Le Cantobury is much less of a success than La Fleur du Sel. Overall expensive for a quite ordinary meal with ordinary service. Nothing bad about it but nothing extraordinary.