IMG 1550A cold and drizzly run to Mont St Michel. The temperature did not get over 9C and the low cloud did nothing to improve matters.

As for the Mont there has been a lot of work done. The road to the Mont is now closed to traffic and there is a new car park outside of the village with a very long walk (past mostly empty hotels and restaurants) to a free bus that takes you over the causeway.

The causeway is also in the process of replacement by a bridge, it's a major work and a terrible mess at the moment. We are told that once complete (2014) the Mont will never again be seen as in island separated from the mainland. Hardly seems like a step forward?

The worst part is the the Mont is heaving with people, the tiny narrow streets are full to capacity even on a cold overcast early May day and school parties abound. We take the tour of the Abbey, mostly because we are here but overall we feel this this is like Carcassonne - to be avoided. Simply admire it across the Bay and drive on.

IMG 1553Once again our night stop is pre booked at the very pleasant Hotel Arvor in Dinan where we arrive about 6pm. Time for a shower and drinks at the eclectic Electric Canard Cafe and an excellent dinner at the La Fleur du Sel just around the corner from the hotel.