IMG 0538The Hotel Le Bayeux is very average. Our room is adjacent to the reception and has coffee making facilities and snacks outside and is, as a result very noisy. The room, while large, is decidedly average and the apparently relatively low price is enhanced by charging for a mediocre breakfast and for the parking. The bed is comfortable however but I suspect there are better choices in the price range.

May Day here in France and a public holiday. Bayeux is not closed though although still very windy and cold.

We start with the market which is not particularly large and seems to be a miscellaneous affair, not very interesting.

On the other hand however the Bayeux Tapestry is fascinating and really worth a look. There is an excellent recorded commentary and a comprehensive museum upstairs.

In the afternoon we visit the Museum of the battle of Normandy dedicated to a chronology of the D Day landings. There is a first rate film presentation, in english as well as more material than you can reasonably take in.

IMG 0549One of the British graveyards is just over the road. There were hundreds of thousands of dead on both sides and we find it hard to see how the battle can really it can be regarded as a victory. It looks like everyone lost.

Dinner al La Rapiere was absolutly first rate. It is the first ranked Bayeux resturant on Tripadvisor and this is clearly well deserved.