IMG 1479The hotel Jean de Bruges is under new management but is still in good heart although the breakfast is somewhat less than it used to be. We were very comfortable in room 8 this time.

The day is sunny but pretty cold (in fact it does not get over 10C all day).

Rather than Les Andelys (my original intention) I follow the Tripadvisor recommendation and book Le Moulin de Connelles in the village of the same name, also on the Seine. The pictures and recommendations look very good.


First stop is Abbeville to sort out a phone (I've succeeded in forgetting the French SIM cards). It's relatively easy to get an SFR SIM but time consuming in the shop as they insist on speaking rapid fire French which I struggle to understand. Worse yet is that although the phone works with voice and text the internet does not. Research suggests that this may take 24 hours.IMG 1493

Our GPS guide Doreen, set to avoid the toll roads, takes us to Le Treport which is a curious version of the shortest route to Rouen but perhaps she knew that we would like to see it as it's a very scenic seaside town and has a free funicular railway down the cliffs. We just had to do that.

Missing Dieppe we get to Rouen in time for a miserable rainstorm which gets us well soaked and was not forecast, at least not that I saw.

Luckily we'd mostly dried out by Connelles (nice not to drip on the carpet in reception) but we were both well chilled.