The early start was a debacle. Despite only having an MOT test two days earlier the Spyder had a dud rear light. Simple you might think. Not so.

Getting into the light took the best part of two hours and required dis-assembly of the passenger back rest and consierable contortion to get at. It's a good job we were not at the side of the road and had access to a proper tool kit. Clearly this bit has not been thought through.

This put us pretty late for the ferry and although we made good time on the British motorways everything stopped entering Dover,. At this point we thought we had missed it but fortune smiled on us - the ferry was 20 minutes late departing just after 3pm.

Temperatures on the road between 8C and 13C, just a bit bracing but worse in Franch where the Peage was as nasty as ever and cold getting down to 7C at one point.

Very pleased to reach our first night stop just after 7pm at St Riquer and the Hotel Jean de Bruges next to the old Abbey, the same place we've stopped on several occasions previously. A lovely room and a hot shower makes up for a lot.


Dinner at the Cafe de l’Abbaye was as usual excellent. Don’t be put off by the unprepossessing bar that you see from the street but go in and go downstairs. Top notch